The Orange Purse Goes to NYC

I love this purse. It is one I would never have bought for myself. This purse was a birthday gift from a woman-poet who I became friends with a year ago, at the San Miguel Poetry Week. When she gave it to me, she said, “The buttons reminded me of your blue eyes.” (Such a gift!) She lives in Houston and works hard, working against a debilitating disease. She is amazing. We bonded over work, poetry and the fragility of our bodies. We share a strength of mind and spirit. This past October, since I was going to be in New England awaiting a significant arrival, I made plans to go to NYC to hear my other, dear friend,  present the issues that Mexican writers face. I took the purse with me because I wanted to take my Houston friend. I felt her with me.  This is part one of this story, the photos. The other is the story of how close our connections can be and we need to show up. All we need to do is show up.

A Ride on the Bus

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