Fractal: Mooning

One of the things I really like about living in Central Texas, and sitting on my deck (sipping something) is I can see the earth move, how the moon is a constant in the arc — no matter the phase.

It can be eclipsed but it is there. Lunatic.

Some see a rabbit in the moon. I hiked to the alter of the Rabbit God, in Tepotzotlan with my husband, years ago now, my sea-level lungs sucking air all the way, as abulitas just walked by me, saying sweet encouraging things in Spanish. Oh but how a smile can be endless. And then climbing this iron ladder, there I was, feral black cats greeting us, and the valley below, we sat. Bought tortillas to feed the cats. . .endless valley, beauty close up and distant. Fractal.

Some see a man in the moon. Some feel the energy from a moonstone gem.

When I was in grad school, I was driving home and came face to face with a huge, pale orange moon rising. I had to stop. I’d never seen the moon with such enormity. I could have driven right into it, wanted to. . .lunatic.

And then I continued to drive, said to myself: “Well there’s one good reason to live here!”

“I’m in love with the man in the moon
We’re going to be married next June
Behind a dark cloud
Where no one’s allowed
I’m in love with the man in the moon”

I hear my mother’s voice.

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