“No, it is not I, it is somebody else who is suffering,
I would not have been able to bear what happened”

Ossuary (a prologue)

Gone long enough
your flesh remains
only on paper arranged and ordered.

I play God and create
memory as art –
but if I could I’d have your bones.

No ash, no grave
but a complete form
for another generation
to exalt or outrage.

*  *   *

93rd Floor, 100th floor
6 AM
American Airlines, Flight 11

A dress transformed, a discount apparel,
all summer, a retailer
about 25 miles north, a longtime friend
accomplished seamstress

ask Andrew Casperson: did your girlfriend have
any flaws?At Princeton she made varsity a bonus

already they had their little jokes
an invitation she took, as only
a dad could do, at her age
afraid he would not make it out
authorities later

a jar at her parent’s home

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