The Little Fur Family makes the big move

A lovely family story.

The Adventures of the Little Fur Family

Once upon a time, there was a family.  This family had three little bears.  Orson the Daddy Bear, Honey the Mamma Bear and Teddy the Baby Bear just started a whole new adventure — they have moved from the United States all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to The Netherlands.

Work brings us here, but we hope to make the most of exploring our new habitat.  We’re a trio of travelers, having moved around the US quite a bit in the last year: Colorado, then Texas and at last to our original home state of Massachusetts.  Now we are on the other side trying to figure out how to make a new life for ourselves in this cozy new place.


The big trip went relatively smoothly considering Teddy is only 2.5 years old.  He slept for much of the plane ride.


Getting our luggage — all our worldly possessions…

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