55 Random Things about Me On My 55th Birthday

I never lie about my age.

I was a single mother for 12 years.

I never knew how strong love is for a grandchild, until now.

I sing everyday at full voice.

I play the guitar.

I play the mandolin.

My parents called me Tinker.

I didn’t know I would come to love Texas.

I miss my pre-cancer treatment body.

I am fortunate to be alive. (for reals)

I love tea with milk and sugar

I eat eggs every morning.

I can’t believe I’ve been with Charlie for 22 years.

I read everyday.

I like watching people walk their dogs by my house.

I love my cat.

Unconditional love cures just about any thing but take your vitamins.

Having a spiritual practice makes my days easier.

I live with chronic pain.

I miss the #39 bus in Boston.

I drive four hours, one way,  to see great art.

I drive across the bridge to see great outsider art.

I love “Downton Abby” as well as “Firefly”

I love New York City.

I need new cowboy boots for two-stepping.

The first birthday gift from my hubby was the OED, Shorter.

We both use the OED at least once a week.

My mother’s passion for photography inspires me.

I dream of vacations with my son, his wife and son, and husband.

I have a very hard time saying no to small children.

I miss being prolific.

I wish I could figure out how to make money at things I already do.

I can’t do arithmetic in my head.

I like Irish whiskey and California Zins.

I am more easily hurt than most will ever know.

I still cry during the “Sound of Music”

I want to get work done on the Yellow House this year.

I collect rocks.

I wrote my first poem in first grade.

I’ve been cooking since I was 11.

I’ve been making Julia Child’s salad dressing for 42 years.

Someday I’ll finish my novella.

I am the only person in my immediate family NOT born in Fall River, MA.

I love how the ocean feels.

I stand up for those who feel voiceless.

I love bowling because I’m really bad at it.

I love an old-fashioned spaghetti dinner.

I talk to strangers.

I read real books in bars with a cocktail.

Being married is a great roller coaster ride. Hang on.

Being married to a musician, in Austin, is a different kettle of fish entirely.

“Tweeter and the Monkey Man” has very special meaning to me.

I’m not always nice but I do try to be kind.

I’ve god a gawd awful loud laugh.

I’ve been praised for my looks more than my intellect or talents.

I don’t think much of my looks other than the fact I got the good side of the gene pool.

When I’m insecure, it appears I’m arrogant.

Anxiety/Depression disorder is serious and all in your head. Get help.

I can’t believe how much I love life.


brklyn fountain triton waterbrklyn fountain hand waterCooper Square Sunset7th Ave Downtown Platform

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